The recruited researcher will work in a high-level international research environment within the LCM and in close collaboration with other researchers from the ApPEARS network. During the 36-month contract, PhD candidate will spend 26 months at LCM (France), 6 months at NTNU (Norway), 2 months at BAEL (Italy) and 2 months at PTB (Germany).

The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) invites application for 3-year full time PhD
position in Metrology of optical measurement. The position will be based at the Laboratoire Commun de
Métrologie (LCM), in La Plaine St Denis (5 km North of Paris, France).

The candidate will participate in a rich program of organized research training activities, enabling her/him
for a future career as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators who can assume scientific
and technological leadership in the field of appearance printing, including acquisition, measuring,
modeling, visualization, reproduction and evaluation of appearance.

This is a position within the EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Initial Training Network project
entitled Appearance Printing European Advance Research School - ApPEARS. The main objective is
to train next generation researchers within the field of appearance printing using 3D and 2.5D printing
techniques as well as extending further the understanding of the appearance of prints from two to three

The period of employment for the position is 3 years. All successful candidates must be able to secure
a residence and work permit in France.

Full PhD position offer's description